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Stardoll Name:
Real Name:
Skype / MSN:
Why you want to write?:

Stardoll Name:
Real Name:
Skype / MSN:
Why you want to do graphics?:


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  2. Stardoll Name: oOAudreyOo
    Real Name: Audrey Hewitt
    Skype / MSN: I don't have either, but my email is
    Why you want to write?: I would like to update FEMME with the latest fashions. It would also be an amazing opportunity, and it would be an honour to write for such a top-rated magazine.

  3. Stardoll Name: Hotangel9
    Real Name: Isabella Thomas
    Skype / MSN:
    Why you want to write?: I would love to gain more experience in writing magazines as I have only written for a few. I love writing and doing my job at a magazine. I would also love to 'jazz' up FEMME with my bubbly personality and edgy fashion sense. It would be a great opportunity to write for a high-fashion Stardoll magazine!


  4. You don't have applications for modelling? :(

  5. Is there any way to apply as a model?

    1. Yes is it, First go to the Home page then click aply a job then click model or staff :)

  6. Stardoll Name: pinkbg
    Real Name: Anastassia Sjomina
    Skype / MSN: anna.pineapplepink (skype)
    Why you want to write?: Well my writing has improved a lot since like last year and i just want to promote my doll a bit more :)

    p.s. could i apply to be the magazine layout person because im good at layout-ing work and things :) Thanks!

  7. Stardoll Name:The2glams
    Real Name:A&J
    Skype / MSN:Dont have one :/
    Why you want to do graphics?:Because I love making graphics:)

    Stardoll Name: master04
    Real Name: Aura
    Skype / MSN: master04.aura
    Why you want to do graphics?: Firt, because I love making graphics. And second, because I like to work as a designer in a lot of magazines. :D

    This is my current graphic I had made:

    And here is my Graphics blog :D

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    Stardoll Name: luezone290
    Real Name: Nicole Anderson
    Skype / MSN: aqilah290 (Skype)
    Why you want to do graphics?: Because I want everyone know who I am besides playing Stardoll. My creativity and my skills.

  11. WRITER
    Stardoll Name: chloe-99
    Real Name: Chloe
    Skype / MSN: Stardollchloe-99 (Skype)
    Why you want to write? I'd love to write for Femme because I want everyone to know me as a writer and I'd like to have more experience for the future.
    Sample?: I write News and free things on Underneath Stardoll, I have my own graphics blog which I write most days, I am I writer on The Voice and I used to have my own Stardoll blog which had over 70 followers.

  12. WRITER
    Stardoll Name: Demi_Lovanto_2
    Real Name: Christine
    Skype / MSN: (MSN)
    Why you want to write?: I love writing. I was ready to make my own magazine, but finally decided not to, because school was more important and I couldn't do both - I didn't have much time.

    I am the owner of blog & I write for for now. I used to write for some more blogs, but I stopped when school started again.

    **I am not that good, to be compared with Nika, for example **
    Stardoll Name: DEMI_LOVANTO_2
    Real Name: Christina
    Skype / MSN: (MSN)
    Why you want to do graphics?: Because I enjoy doin them :) I enjoy it! I like to make graphics, even doing them with no reason! haha!
    Sample?: ( my latest graphic - click on image to enlarge)

  13. Stardoll Name: FREDYS
    Real Name: Chris
    Skype / MSN:
    Why you want to do graphics?: Because I love to do graphics for magazines!
    Sample?: That's a graphic.

    If I will be a graphic designer, contact on my account.

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  15. Stardoll Name: kittykate
    Real Name: Heather
    Skype / MSN:
    Why you want to write?:I love writing for other people to enjoy its makes me happy. I am a keen reader of blogs, book and well anything. I co-own a blog called which is just starting out and I write for the Stardoll voice. I love stardoll and have been part of it for nearly four years.

  16. ---WRITER---
    Stardoll name: BRITNAYFUN
    My real name is : Suzy
    Skype: suzycherry

    I wanna write because i love to blog and to write for fashion as you see i love fashion, and writing for a fashion blog it's a pleasure. I would love to write here and make this blog successful together with our interesting posts!! i wouldn't even care to write for free, because i always wanted to write for a blog like this. Thank you so much

    =Suzy xoxo

    Stardoll Name: Will200
    Real Name: Willemijn, But because you can't pronounce that... Choose between Will, Willaene or Willow.
    Skype / MSN: -
    Why you want to do graphics?: Cuse I want to work on more challenging things. I'm busy with USD surviver. I make graphics for fun. But that starts to get boring...
    Sample?: Sure :)

    Stardoll Name: "
    Real Name: "
    Skype / MSN: -
    Why you want to write?: I wrote an book of 300 pages, so I kinda love writing... I also am an Starblogger (Holland, Belgium, Surinam, Curacua, some parts of Indonasia and Africa, where they speak Dutch).
    I know allot about fashion, fun and what people like. And the most important: I'm creative. Very creative... Too creative..

    I would love to work with you on this project. :) I am lifeless so I have ALLOT of free time.

    Stardoll Name:aliandmiley
    Real Name: ali middlams
    Skype /
    Why you want to do graphics?:cause ive been doing them for years and this will be the first time to show them off

  19. Stardoll Name:lilsparky10101
    Real Name:Lilly
    Why?Because one day i want to be a journalist i write poems and im into fashion and architecture.
    I will give it my all and try try try :)

    Stardoll name:korni007
    real name:Kornilia
    Why you want to do graphics?:I really like doing graphics and I would like to make them for a magazine and not as a hobby anymore
    (that's my blog)

  21. writer
    stardoll name iluvu123sky

    why i wanna work here is because
    i wanna be a jouroulist someday and
    i wil create stores and putt it on magizines. skype:i dont have one yet.

  22. Stardoll Name: Lilprincess0044
    Real Name: Liz
    Skype / MSN: dont have will get one though if get job
    Why you want to do graphics?: im am skilled i have adobe photoshop and more and i take classes on how to use them and i am just amazing with creating stuff that deals with graphics
    i have alot of samples and i would love to show them to you so if you want me to email them to you i can beacuse i dont know if i can post them on to there

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    Stardoll Name:kbrnithya04
    Real Name:nithya
    Skype /
    Why you want to do graphics?:because i love graphic a lot

  25. Stardoll Name:DawnRenesmee
    Real Name:Vanessa Winchester
    Skype / MSN:christina-winchester (Skype)
    Why you want to write?: I'd really love to write because I'd really want to contribute to Femme magazine and share my ideas with everyone. I have a good experience working for blog I can write for daily news on Stardoll, new Doll-release and I like make posts about makeup tips.

  26. WRITER
    Stardoll Name:J.Baston
    Real Name:Julia
    Skype /
    Why you want to write?: I love writing! In all my writing test/assignments I have got very high marks. I love Stardoll and Fashion and I think I would be perfect for this job! :D <3

  27. Stardoll Name: lovejustinbreal
    Real Name: Egi
    Skype / MSN:
    Why you want to write?: because i love writing in magazines or blogs about stardoll

  28. Stardoll Name:Laceyxlavish
    Real Name:Angela
    Skype / MSN: angelahollings
    Why you want to write?:
    Because i would love to write for a stardoll blog as aamzing as yours!, i would be fully commited =]

  29. Stardoll Name: gownydowny
    Real Name: Symphony Chakma
    Skype / MSN:
    Why you want to write?:I love love love fashion! I love making up new outfits! I own a blog magazine myself and I'd love to team up with Femme magazine as a media partner for my magazine

  30. Stardoll Name:triinuolenn
    Real Name:kätriin pedaja
    Skype /
    Why you want to write?:i love stardoll and i go there ewery day i know a lot of i wish that you take me as a writer :)

  31. WRITER
    Stardoll name : pitifriki
    Real name : Petroula
    Msn :
    Why you want to write ? I love this magazine and I want to write here about stardoll fashion !

  32. WRITER
    Stardoll Name: CoolB3th4ny
    Real Name: Bethany
    Skype / MSN:
    Why you want to write?: I have been on stardoll for over 3 years now and i love it i spend 3 to 4 hours on it each day and i love your magazine very much!

  33. Writer :
    Stardoll Name : Miss.LuLu.98
    Real Name : Stefanie
    Skype/MSN :
    Why you want to write? : Because I love writing and I am on stardoll all the time and because I love this magazine !

  34. Stardoll Name:sophiest2
    Real Name:sophie
    Skype /
    Why you want to write?:Because i realy like writing for stardoll and its chance to do this

  35. Stardoll Name: -Lyndie- And I'd like to throw in here that I am not a new member of Stardoll. This June, I'll be a member of Stardoll for three years. But my account is a time lord. It keeps dieing and regerating.
    Real Name: Lyndie
    Skype / MSN: I don't have one, but my email is
    Why you want to write?: It's always been something I enjoy, ever since I was a little kid. It's relaxing to me. Whenever I'm sad or tired, I can just plug myself into a writing project and bang on my keyboard until the letters become words and the words become sentences. Then make the sentences good. Or at least that's been my recent strategy.
    I also enjoy Stardoll, so it would be fun to combine the best of both worlds and write abotu Stardoll.

  36. WRITER

    Stardoll Name:Lovercat48

    Real Name:Alexa

    Skype / MSN:i dont have a skype or msn but i can tell you my email if you ask me on my stardoll page!

    Why you want to write?:it would be a privledge to write for this magazine!I have always been good at journalism and writing im verbose if i need to be and i can make even the most boring subjects exciting!Another reason is that i definately have a passion for fashion!I LOVE drawing fashion sketches!Im home schooled so i have a lot of time to write since i get off school earlier than kids that go to school so i can write whenever you need me to! Again it would be such a privledge to write for you guys because of your AMAZING talent!!

  37. Stardoll Name:LilyaneLinda
    Real Name:Ludmila Machado
    Skype /
    Why you want to write?:If you give me this chance, it will be a dream came true, but, besides that, I would like to train my english for this exam I am taking, and you would be helping me a lot!

  38. Stardoll: lilprincess0044
    real name: Liz
    Skype: lizard81696
    why graphics: im very skilled i have lots of programs i can use i usely have a lot of free time. also i have taken classes and classes on graphic design so graphics are my thing getting this job would be great for me and it would be great for the mag. too so hope i get the job! me exmples are text effects i have created for friends i have alot more so let me know through stardoll if you have an questions or want to see more!!

  39. WRITER
    Stardoll Name:PinkElina145
    Real Name:Elina
    Skype /
    Why you want to write?:because i want a hobby for my spare time, i love stardoll.I am a very good writter and that's my dream!!!!If you choose me you won't regret it!!!
    Also I used to write for

  40. Stardoll Name:pinkpeepsrcool
    Real Name:Callissa
    Skype /
    Why you want to write?:cuz i have a great imagination. some times i turn my dreams into stories. like the one i had about my crush and i gave him a love letter and he showed the whole biology class!

  41. Writer, of course.

    Stardollname: Ashley_Doggett
    Real Name: Ashley
    Skype/MSN: Please contact me at my email:

    Why would I want to write? I'm an avid fashion columnist at The Elite Blogger, Stardoll Fashion Daily, Outrage, and Icon Agency. I have an indepth knowlage on fashion and the fashion industry and I'm always open to innovative ideas/concepts. I will write on any subject given with accuracy and passion.

    1. Really? You were a writer for Femme when you couldn't even spell knowledge correctly?

  42. WRITER
    Stardoll Name: caribbbeangurl
    Real Name: Sophie
    Skype / MSN: sophiechimere
    Why you want to write?: Because I feel comfortable writing, overall if it's about fashion! I think I can give something new to the magazine. (:

  43. Stardoll Name: xoxoemolovexo
    Real Name: jasmine or jazzy
    Skype / MSN:
    Why you want to write?:well i have experiences. i currently write for ghandoora the boss. i would like to write articles on the latest fashion.i'm can be reallly active. i come online every day.

  44. Stardoll Name: JosephinaA
    Real Name: Agnes Chimère
    Skype / MSN: agneschimere
    Why you want to write?: For me it's not only a way to express myself, it's a way of living, appreciate the art you can find in every single piece of clothing.

  45. Penis ;O lol love the blog patrick ;pp

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  47. Hello I would Love to be a writer, but could I tell you my email via your stardoll account, instead of posting it on the blog where anyone can see it!

  48. Sarah/ Stardoller_101January 27, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    Stardoll Name: XX_makeupartist
    Real Name: Sarah Abdussalam
    Skype/MSN: None of them, but
    Why do you want?: I love writing because it's a way to express myself, and to tell the world what I think. I specialize in descriptive writing!

  49. Writer
    Stardoll Name: MssMicaGolden
    Real Name: Milica
    Skype / MSN: I have skype but I don't want to give everybody my skype. I use skype to chat with my real life friends. You can contact me in my GB on stardoll and my e-mail is
    Why you want to write?: I really like writing and writing to me means a whole new world of opinions and words which we put in together and make a an amazing world of writing. I'll be honest with you, I have never wrote for any magazine and I admit it. This is my first application to write for any magazine and If you accept me I would be very happy. Still it depends on what you think after reading this application. Shy persons like me never apply for any kinds of events. But here I am trying to be part of something and let the real me to shine. On the first look I am shy but when you get to know me better I am a great person who loves parties, reading books and well just being with my friends. I know I won't probably be part of your team even If I want it so hard. Have a nice day... Love yaa MMG.

  50. Stardoll Name: .Bla.Bla.Bla
    Real Name: Bronwyn Irvine
    Skype / MSN: and my skype is bronwynn.xd think.
    Why you want to write?: I believe I'd be a good addition to the blog as I have an extensive vocabulary and rarely make spelling mistakes. I am in the top English class at school and even though I'm only 14, my writing is more mature and I believe I can write about anything, finding out things that maybe other couldn't find. Writing means a lot to me, and I am constantly writing stories whether I'm in class or going shopping or a day out to the Cinema. You'll never find me far away from my notebook. I wrote for a blog which is taking me back on after a technical hiccup with my computer that decided to delete me as a member. I can stick to deadlines and if I ever hand in my article late, I will have a perfectly good reason. I hope you accept my request as it would be very meaningful to me:) Thank you so much.

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  52. Stardoll Name: Queenofsheba
    Real Name:Blake
    Skype /
    Why you want to write?:
    I love 2 share what i know :)

    1. KingofpeAce..........dick is coming to get sucked wake up

  53. Question when will you let us know that we made the Group?

  54. WRITER
    Stardoll Name: Emilydollheart_
    Real Name: Jacob
    Skype / MSN: JacobisJacob1
    Why you want to write?: I would love to write for Femme because well I really want a chance to show someone how I write and I would love to see peoples' opinions so I know wether I am good or not but also because Femme is amazing :)
    Sample?: I don't really have one because no one has given me a chance

  55. WRITER:
    Stardoll Name:Aurelieke92

    Real Name:Amanda//Manny

    Skype / MSN: meryli333

    Why you want to write?: Well, to be completely honest, I've never written for a magazine. I feel like i could be writing for one, but that is partially my own fault, because i used to be scared. Scared of being called "stupid" or "amateur". But now that I'm Finally getting to be known around the blogosphere surrounding stardoll,and Now that I own a very successful blog, I have the confidence I need to apply.I Know I have the skill to be a writer for FEMME, i just need people who can believe that as well.

    Sample?: |This was a really old blog post of mine, but I think that it is the one that manages to contain most of my voice.|

    Thank you!

    1. Also, this is my private blog, It contains some posts that may capture your interest as well:

  56. Stardoll Name: avrilluvsu
    Real Name: In my blogger name
    Skype / MSN: avrilluvsusd, ( I'll give you my other one if i'm chosen)
    Why you want to do graphics?: FEMME is my all time of stardoll favorite magazine, not just the articles, but the graphics too. This small rant sounds like I am sucking up to you, but its all true. FEMME inspiered me to start my graphics so one day I could become an artist for it.

  57. Stardoll Name:The2glams
    Real Name:Joselyne
    Skype / MSN:dont have one, but you can contact me though email @
    Why you want to do graphics?:Because I love making graphics, also it helps me improve on my photoshop skills :]
    that the newest graphic I have made.

  58. Stardoll Name: Couturekisses
    Real Name:Caiomhe "izzabelle"
    Skype / MSN: i don't have msn, my yahoo is
    Why you want to write?: I think FEMME could be really iconic and i want to be apart of such a great establishment!
    Sample?: I have many posts i could show you but i hope you will get a nice first impression if i do join FEMME =-]
    Thanks for the consideration x

  59. Stardoll Name: lolita.princess
    Real Name: Jazzy
    Skype / MSN: Yuki.Kurun
    Why you want to write?: Because i admire the blog FEMME and would love to be apart of it
    Sample?: i don't have a sample on me but i used to write for

  60. Stardoll Name: CanDelleA
    Real Name: Brittany
    Skype/MSN: brittanydiment
    Why do you want to write?: Blogging is my biggest and my most passionate hobby! I've been applying to blogs like these for over three years now to no avail, I'm going to keep persisting though! Eventually, I'll make the cut, right?

  61. WRITER
    Stardoll Name: catiegigglex
    Real Name:Catie
    Skype / MSN: NA
    Why you want to write?:because I am very passionate about English and love logging on to stardoll etc! I love fashion and think I would be the write kind of girl for you!
    Sample?: and my starblog

    Thank you so much for this oppurtunity x

  62. WRITER
    Stardoll Name- Aphiba
    Real Name- Faye Skovgaard
    Skype- aphibasd
    Why you want to write?- I love the magazine, and I love to write. I'm certain that I can come up with interesting articles to write for FEMME, and that they will be well executed

  63. WRITER
    Stardoll Name: bby_emkinz
    Real Name: Amoré
    Why you want to write?: like every other writer here, it would be an amazing chance for me to write for your magazine. Since English isn't my first language, it's an opportunity to improve my English and writing skills.

  64. WRITER
    Stardoll Name:ask510
    Real Name:Alana
    Skype / MSN: I dont have any but I do have an e-mail that you can message me if you need to.
    Why you want to write?: I love to write. It's my passion and It would be an amazing chance and opportunity for me.

  65. Stardoll name: esztigirl88
    real name:Eszter
    Skype/MSN: i dont have..,but i have e-mail:)
    Why you want to write ?: I love to share with the world what's in my mind,my ideas ,and give news for the fashionista stardollers :))

  66. stardoll name:liyaliyah real realname:liyah skype/msn:have neither but my email is why you want to write? i want to write because i love expressing my feelings and i love fashion so please pic me for this job you wont regret it

  67. Stardoll Name: Missyosoytu
    Real Name: Rocío (Ro)
    Skype / MSN:
    Why you want to do graphics?: because I was doing graphics since 2 years ago and I love them... and I think I am very good :S
    Sample?: visit my portfolotio (: (

  68. WRITER
    Stardoll Name: Raddasa65
    Real Name: Adeline [Ade.]
    Skype / MSN: Adelinel.g99
    Why you want to write?: Because I think the world needs to know the fresh news.I think the Stardollers need to see the most talented MeDolls and I cand do this job.
    Sample?: At this moment I dont have one. But I could make one. :)

    Stardoll Name: kcv183
    Real Name: Kay
    Skype / MSN: i dont have but i have an email :) i'll just message it if i have to :)
    Why you want to do graphics?: i always loved making graphics from the beginning. even though i've just started like 3 months, i really would want to be graphic artist
    Sample?: its in photobucket:
    thanks please check it out if you have time :)

  70. Graphics

    Stardoll name : Haritini3
    Real name : Haritini
    Skype/Msn :
    Why you want to do graphics? I like making graphics and I think I am good at.
    Sample? (I haven't finished it yet)