Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 2012


  1. Eu AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI! I loooooooooooove it!

  2. lol, did you guys proof read this? It has a tonne of mistakes but it's still a good issue. Maybe you could hire a editor? **hint** **hint**

    1. if we were to hire an editor, most likely it wouldn't be you. reason being?;

      "lol, did you guys proof read this? It has a tonne of mistakes but it's still a good issue. Maybe you could hire a editor? **hint** **hint**"

      I do belivie that it should be "maybe you can hire AN editor"

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    1. She is clearly talking to you. If you wanted a job so bad then you might wanna start sucking up cunt.

  4. The 'Fuck You, Stardoll' article just seemed to be a little rant with no basis or explanation imo, plus you repeated the "when it comes to..." paragraph twice with very little change. I just didn't get it. There's no reasoning as to why we stay, the so-called thrill we stay for, or even the alleged censorship…? You really might need to consider proofreading more thoroughly, because there are a few spelling mistakes, like in the Editor's Letter, where you said you wanted comments - good or bed. :D

    The graphics are stunning as usual though, I particularly like the one of the girl in the red dress and the one of Hansel and Gretel. That must have taken a damn long time, haha. You always do amazing hair, too.

    Overall, the articles could be a lot better but it was still pretty amazing. Great job. :)

  5. No matter how many times I look through the issue, I keep coming back to the red dress graphic. Its my favorite! I really didn't fancy the rant I was like "Oh boy *sign* another rant but in a magazine?". Ashley is a bit repetitive when she writes. Magazine of 2012 so far!

  6. The 'Fuck you' article I understand, but I think it's more that you've probably reached the end of your stardoll stay. Stardoll is targeted at little girls, thats why they've focused it on that audience. The graphics are stunning, I loved the Cinderella one. Looking for new covergirls? Meet actual covergirls in my album (Kheira)

  7. The issue is amazing and the graphics are REALLY well made. I loved the cover a lot. The graphic of the girl in a red dress is a catchy one. I really liked it.

    However, the magazine has a few misspellings. Maybe you could hire an editor so they could check the Magazine before it's out.

    Other than that, you guys made a great job there.
    Love it.


  8. Um Snow White had dark hair and red lips. Not blonde unless there is a new
    version of Snow White somewhere, lol.

  9. I like some of the graphics made, especially the cover one.
    However, the Cinderella one just didn't seem logical as the dress was going down at an awkward position and the doll's head was also in an awkward position.
    Moreover, I'd like to state that fairies don't usually have spiky hair and that the Goblin eye-makeup was too sparkly so it seemed weird, even for a doll.
    The Red Riding Hood was standing in an awkward position and I believe you should have done a better wolf than Stardoll's unrealistic version.
    Also, I'd like to state that the doll in the "Featuring Fearlees" page of the magazine was blurred and the doll's hair looks weird as you put a style of hair on top of a stardoll style without blending them in, it seems.
    The graphic where Chris is wearing a black long-sleeved jacket is strange, I must say. The hands were too thick and I'd like to know exactly why the graphic designer was asked to do such a pose? Chris looks like she's holding her breast.

    However, all the other graphics are just lovely and you made the elf ears nicely (I am not being sarcastic).

    To conclude, I'd like to state that there were plenty of spelling mistakes and plenty of stories although they should be articles.Moreover, they were not well written. I don't mean offense to who wrote them, maybe she was asked to do it due to the small team (again, not meaning it in a rude way) so I think you should appoint new writers.

    However that was the second issue, so hopefully the newest will be much better :)

    1. About your issue with the Red Riding Hood graphic; I bet you have about no idea how much time did the graphic really take, and I'd happily applaud you if you had enough motivation after an entire day of drawing and painting and fixing and what not a graphic, to draw a whole new wolf and make him look decently good.
      About the Fearless page; The graphic was made by Kim herself and it was taken straight out of her fashion line, without any recreating, etc. The model graphic was way smaller as our page format.
      And once again, I'd like to see how "well" would you do if you had to do the "awkward" graphic with Chris. Sometimes Stardoll graphics don't turn out the way I'd want them to, and that's when I try my best to fix them. And ffs? I'd kinda understand you if you thought that the arms were thick, but it's just the jacket? You either way have no idea about human body proportions or you're just trying to look dumb. Her hands are everything but thick.

  10. Hi, as a member of the school newspaper, I know a thing or two about laying out pages. This is a wonderful magazine, and the graphics are just amazing. However, there shouldn't be so much "white space" (blank space) at the bottom of the Fuck You, Stardoll article. Perhaps the article should have been lengthened, and the paragraph that showed up twice should have been deleted.
    Moreover, there were quite a few grammatical errors that were distracting. It would be a very good idea to invest in a copy editor, which I, personally, wouldn't mind doing. I am user xKaboum, by the way.

    All in all, though, this issue of Femme was very good and I applaud the entire staff for having the courage to put their work out there, which is always very difficult for everyone.

  11. I loved the graphics, which were flawless. I also loved the articles, which were wonderfully written. The creative minds that put this entire magazine together is a perfect mix. I'd love to be a model for the magazine someday. If the owners know where I can go to apply to be a model, I'd love to know.

  12. the graphics are incredible- they always are- but the story articles, there were quite a few spelling mistakes, and I know they were only short stories, but none of them really made sense. Maybe it would of been good to make a graphic to go with the story? But apart from that, amaaaaazing!

  13. OMG. That graphic with Chris on the couch is amazingg!!!